Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd The 9th Hengli’s Good Voice

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Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd

The 9th Henglis Good Voice

Henglis Good Voice

In the past year, the company has experienced many challenges and growth. Behind every success, it is inseparable from the hard work and unity and cooperation of Henglis people. Today, we are no longer busy worker in the company, but singers on stage, celebrating our achievements with our songs and remembering our time.

Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd. held its 9th "Henglis Good Voice" on October 28th,2023.

One week before the competition, under the guidance of the assistant general manager, Ms. Lai, we conducted two rounds of auditions and rehearsals. To assist in directing and scheduling is even more impressive. During the audition, Ms. Lai carefully listen to the songs sung by each contestant and provide guidance based on their weaknesses.

During the audition, some contestants were not very satisfied with their performance. Under the enthusiastic encouragement from Ms. Lai, they persevered.Ms. Lai used her enthusiastic encouragement and praise to stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation of each participant. This positive and upward atmosphere has infected everyone, making the entire rehearsal scene full of vitality and enthusiasm.

It is worth mentioning that the atmosphere of the event that night was exceptionally lively. In order to cheer on the contestants, Ms. Lai also prepared a variety of delicious food to reward everyone. This move undoubtedly stimulated the enthusiasm and motivation of the contestants, making them more engaged in the activity.


On the day of the  Henglis Good Voice, in order to present the most beautiful stage for the contestants of Good Voice, Ms. Lai assisted in conducting and scheduling the entire process on site. Here, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Lai. Communicate with the singer during the audition to understand their needs and expectations, and strive to meet everyones needs. The stage decorated with flowers at the competition site made the singers' performances even more captivating, as if they are in a fairyland of music. The audience not only enjoy the music, but also feel the unique charm emanating from the music competition


At 12:50 pm on October 28th, the competition began with the announcement of the host.


This Good Voice was delivered by Mr. Lai Binqiang, Vice President of the company and Chairman of the Labor Union, and announced the start of the 9th Henglis Good Voice. Mr. Lai emphasized in his speech that today is not only a singing competition, but also a bridge that connects us more closely, a window that showcases our company culture and team spirit; He encourages all singers to believe in themselves, go all out, and showcase their most authentic voices.


During the competition, the singers demonstrated their abilities and put in all their efforts to compete for 11 awards. The Battle of Glory is about to begin!

The singers for this song come from various subsidiaries, departments, and workshops under Hengli group. The song styles are diverse, with some excelling in rock and roll; Some like fashion; Some people love folk songs, and their music styles vary, but they all convey the most sincere emotions in their own ways.

The on-site audience also raised their national flags to cheer on the singer!


After intense competition, 11 singers stood out and won the battle of honor. They not only won rewards, but also earned respect and praise from all members of the company and the audience. Their courage, talent, and perseverance have brought us endless emotions and inspiration.


Today, we not only enjoyed a feast of music, but also experienced a spiritual baptism. Every singer has demonstrated their talent and courage, showing us the power of perseverance and dreams. The company has set up the "Best Popularity Award" for this Good Voice event, with all members participating and voting for their favorite singers. We also appreciate the company providing such a platform to showcase ourselves, giving us the opportunity to witness their talents and efforts.


This event not only strengthened the cohesion of the company, but also allowed us to have a deeper understanding of each other. We saw the other side of our colleagues, their love and pursuit of music. Such activities make us more united and harmonious.

Let's look forward to the next Good Voice of the Company event, and we believe that more employees will join this happy family to contribute their strength to the prosperity and development of the company with wonderful singing!