Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. The 8th Hengli Good Voice

Release time:2023.01.31 Publisher:root

On October 29, 2022, in this season of crisp autumn and fruitful results, we Hengli people gathered together to welcome the 8th“ Hengli Good Voice” Competition


Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd; Hengli Good Voice” The contest kicked off in the host's wonderful opening ceremony. First of all, let's invite Lai Binqiang, the general manager of the company and vice chairman of the trade union, to give an opening speech to the Good Voice Competition and announce the official start of the Good Voice Competition




There are seven judges in this competition, with the song integrity: 20 points, articulation: 10 points, timbre uniformity: 15 points, breath fluency: 5 points, voice beauty: 10 points, expressiveness: 10 points, understanding connotation: 10 points, dress decency: 5 points, naturalness: 5 points, infectivity: 10 points as the scoring criteria, with a total score of 100 points. One first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes were selected


“ Hand in hand, we can walk forward with our heads held high, and let the world know that we are all Chinese” In this beautiful season, at this happy moment, let me say: Hello to the motherland! The Good Voice Conference opened with a song "The Chinese", which set the atmosphere of the whole conference to a climax. I feel the pride of my staff friends: I am Chinese

Suona is a traditional oboe woodwind instrument in China. Many people have heard of this instrument. I don't know if the live version has ever heard of it. Today at Hengli, we are lucky to hear the live version of suona playing. Let's feel the ownership together“ With the sound of suona, ten thousand liang of gold” Suona solo of

There was a girl who was cruel and married far away; The infatuated boy waited in place. Their love is moving, and their feelings are as deep as the sea. The last song was sung by Mr. Lai Wenbin, the vice general manager of the company and the general manager of Hengshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., as the final song of this Hengli Good Voice, which once again pushed the scene atmosphere to a climax. The audience cheered and shouted

In the competition, the contestants competed on the same stage, showing their respective strengths, and launched a fierce competition. The wonderful performances pushed the competition to one climax after another, and there was a burst of warm applause at the scene. According to the comprehensive scores of seven judges and teachers, eight winners were selected: the first two, the second two, the third three, and the best talent award of Good Voice


The good voice is coming to an end. General Manager of the company Mr. Ge delivered a closing speech to publicize the closing ceremony. In 2022, Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd; Hengli Good Voice” Complete success