The 13th Staff Games of Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd

Release time:2023.01.31 Publisher:root


October 29, 2022 was carefully planned and organized

The company's annual autumn sports meeting is held in the company

A total of 11 teams participated in this event

Personnel from 21 departments and three subsidiaries of the head office


Wonderful Moments of the Games



This sports meeting event is divided into professional competition and fun competition

A total of 7 competitions are set

3 group events and 4 individual events

Group competitions include tug-of-war, group fixed-point shooting, and rope skipping

Individual competitions include: shuttlecock kicking, table tennis, billiards, rope skipping

Every athlete is fully engaged

touches the heartstrings of the employees present

Everyone is cheering, cheering and cheering together




This sports meeting is based on“ Friendship comes first, competition comes second“ The spirit of the competition has improved the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities and the communication between departments. In the individual competition, the athletes fought bravely and competed in a civilized manner. In the team competition, they showed good team spirit and cohesion of all departments through unity and concerted efforts




Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. selected the top three of the Best Spiritual Civilization Team Award and the Best Team Award after fierce competition at the 13th Workers' Games. At this sports meeting, all employees participated in the competition with unity, friendship and civilization, showing the good spirit of Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. The competition process is orderly, compact and warm. The sports meeting also fostered deep friendship among colleagues and enhanced the collective sense of honor of the team</ p>


The athletes are united and powerful. I hope that we can transfer the psychological quality of winning without pride, losing without discouragement, and the will of perseverance and never say die into our life, so that our life will be more enriched and more wonderful</ p>