2022 Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co, Ltd. Commendation Conference

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Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co,Ltd.

2022 Annual Recognition Conference

Work together· Create resplendence together

Time: January 8, 2023

Location: Hangzhou Hengli Technology Co., Ltd.


“ Time flies, time flies” 2022 has left in a hurry, and the new year is pregnant with new life. The diligent Hengli people gathered on January 8, 2023 to hold the annual commendation conference in Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd. In 2022, we groped for a better development path in our progress. At the same time, the company also emerged a batch of outstanding employees. Today, we are here to commend the employees who have worked hard for a year. The conference consists of two parts: the awarding ceremony and the raffle


Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 20 years. Under the leadership of General Manager Ge, the company has made great achievements and has grown steadily and healthily in the fierce market competition; At the same time, Hengli has made brilliant achievements through continuous technological innovation

The commendation conference was addressed by General Manager Ge and announced the official commencement of the 2022 Hangzhou Hengli Outstanding Advanced Commendation Conference



There are a group of people who are united and cooperative in their work, give full play to their work spirit of being not afraid of hardship, fatigue and innovation, and play a leading and exemplary role in their work. The advanced collectives and individuals selected this time are typical representatives of them. Today, at Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd. we commend the collective and individual who made outstanding achievements in 2022


The awards awarded today include the Outstanding Employee Award, the Outstanding Office Staff Award, the Quality Pacesetter Award, the Outstanding Team Leader Award, the Advanced Collective Award, the Rationalization Proposal Golden Idea Award, the Annual Full Attendance Award, and the Ten Year Merit Award

Through selection, 29 excellent employees, 24 excellent office staff, 8 quality pacesetters, 20 excellent team leaders, 11 golden ideas, 3 finalists and 4 nominations were selected

There are 62 dedicated employees who are never absent from work, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, heat and cold

There are 19 employees who have won the title of "Meritorious Person" for ten years. For ten years, they have been accompanied by the company's interest and have created a fortune for Hengli Manufacturing Technology with unremitting efforts. They are the backbone of Hengli manufacturing technology, and are the model for later generations


The sheet metal welding workshop won the honor of Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd. in 2022“ Advanced Collective” The title of. This is a team of solidarity and fraternity, which will always follow in 2022 to build“ One system, one change, three requirements” As the core axis, constantly optimize and implement; Define our goals“ Site, quality, output, efficiency, management” NO1; Loud workshop slogan“ Go forward bravely, break through and innovate& rdquo; Always adhere to the behavior philosophy of the workshop“ Or do better without doing& rdquo; Any factor that hinders the development of the workshop will be regarded as zero tolerance, and the implementation of each work step by step is an example for everyone to learn



2022 has passed away in a hurry. In order to thank all employees and friends of Hengli for their hard work in the past year, we have specially set up an exciting raffle. In this raffle, a total of 1 special prize, 1 first prize, 3 second prize, 5 third prize and 8 fourth prize will be set up. Employees who do not win the raffle will receive a beautiful gift provided by the company


In the raffle, we not only prepared generous raffle gifts for you, but also prepared three beautiful songs for you to perform. After the song, we will invite the vice president to draw the first prize for the company: a laptop, and the general manager of the company, Mr. Ge, will draw the first prize for everyone: a Huawei mobile phone and a Huawei tablet




One year, with a flick of the finger, today is a new starting point

One year, like a flash in the blue, we start a new journey

Let's unite and forge ahead to create our own cause


Today will eventually become history, and tomorrow's glory requires us to accept challenges with confidence, create together with wisdom, unity and efforts, and create a respectable enterprise! Let's join hands with Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd. to usher in a better tomorrow